Royal Rangers Northeast Ohio Section

District Spring Trace, 5 - 7 May 2006

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About 6:30 AM Saturday, Amos Lightner prepares his trade blanket...
...while breakfast fires are lit throughout the camp.

The Outpost 91 campsite.
FCF candidates Joel Lightner and Staton Tatterson fix breakfast for OP91.

One of the many trade stands at this year's Trace.
Members start to gather for morning activities.

At the hawk throw competition - a stick, but no points.
FCF candidates attend a class on black powder firearms...

...while other candidates learn about wilderness survival.
Waiting for their turn at the black power firing line.

Lanny Tricker (under the awning) makes and sells tables, chairs, lanterns, and other items.
District Scout D.J. Rose lights the council fire on Saturday night.

Northeast sectional staff, from left: training rep Doug Rogers, FCF agent John Oros, Lanny Tricker, new FCF member Lee Wix, Commander Ed Kuzmick, chartering agent Mark Johnson.
Outpost 91 FCF members, from left: Senior Commander Jeff Laird, young buck Joel Lightner, Commander Amos Lightner, and young buck Staton Tatterson.

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